About Urbint

Urbint exposes critical intelligence within urban data for use by businesses, government, and other organizations so that better decisions are made for the future of our urban centers.

Urbint aggregates, ingests, and analyzes tremendous amounts of urban datasets and enhances them by using domain-specific algorithms and artificial intelligence. We discover connections, define relationships, analyze patterns, and predict behavior to create urban intelligence. We provide our clients across various industries, including financial services, utilities, and government, the ability to answer complex questions and make better decisions.

The sheer amount of urban data collected and expressed today is overwhelming, replete with errors, discrepancies, and omissions, often produced by agencies ill-equipped to manage large quantities of data. Users of this data struggle to aggregate, cleanse, structure, and update these datasets. Combining multiple datasets is even more difficult, and deriving actual urban intelligence becomes a daunting task. Urbint provides the platform to not only make data useful, and accessible but to surface the intelligence within these urban datasets.

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